BAD CHANNEL is the multi-fx channel strip plug-in of your nightmares. Packed with cutting distortion, wide and wild modulation, a broken comb filter, sketchy tape-machine delay, and built in brick wall limiting, this plug-in is the one-stop-shop for all the extreme sound enthusiasts to mangle new tones. This plug-in is perfect for shredding any instrument, from a searing solo, crushing drums, dark-chorus on bass, ripping synths, or even resurrect a DI guitar track. Slap this on anything and get lost in the madness.


Available AU and VST3 for Mac and PC.

One (1) license valid for five (5) activations.




:: Distortion ::

  • In Gain – Input level for distortion in decibels.
  • Out Gain – Output level for distortion in decibels.
  • Tone – Brighter / darker. Filter level in decibels.
  • Mix – Wet / dry for distortion effect.

:: Modulation ::

  • Rate – LFO frequency in hertz.
  • Width – Modulation amount in milliseconds.
  • Delay – Time in ms between original and modulated signals.
  • Feedback – Produces cascading and decaying echoes.
  • Mix – Wet / dry for modulation effect.

:: Broken Comb ::

  • Frequency – Frequency for filter in hertz.
  • Intensity – Mix for comb filter.
  • MAGIC – ???

:: Delay ::

  • Delay Time – Delay time in seconds.
  • Feedback – Amount the signal is fed into delay.
  • Mix – Wet / dry for delay effect.

:: Filter ::

  • Low-pass – Low-pass filter in hertz.
  • High-pass – High-pass filter in hertz.

+ presets and spectrogram.

One (1) license valid for five (5) activations.

Available AU and VST3 for Mac and PC.


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