HOLO TRIGGER is a homage to the strange emergent tech of the 70’s and 80’s. Reminiscent of old analogue drum synthesizers, HOLO TRIGGER is an audio effect that triggers a pitch variable synth sound based on the loudness of an incoming signal. Sounds are highly customizable through pitch sweeping start and end frequencies, duration controls, a wobbly pitch LFO, and colorful white noise. To stretch sonic possibilities further, an alien-esque phaser and a wide room-style reverb with sound freezing capabilities are packed in to bring a playful punch. Live your weirdest new wave self and add some experimental synth techniques into your workflow.

Available in VST3 and AU for Mac and Windows.

One (1) license valid for five (5) activations.




  • Start – Start frequency of the oscillator.
  • End – End frequency of the oscillator.
  • Length – Duration of the sound in seconds.
  • Release – Release of the sound in seconds.

:: LFO ::

  • Rate – Rate of the pitch LFO in Hertz.
  • Depth – Depth of the pitch LFO.

:: OUTPUT ::

  • Noise – White noise level.
  • Gain – Gain of output sound.
  • Waveform – Type of waveform for the oscillator.
  • Threshold – Trigger sensitivity (lower threshold, higher sensitivity to incoming signal).

:: PHASER ::

  • Mix – Dry/Wet mix of the phaser.
  • Rate – Rate of the phaser LFO in Hertz.
  • Depth – Depth of the phaser LFO modulation.
  • Center – Center frequency for the phaser in Hertz.
  • Feedback – Phaser feedback.

:: REVERB ::

  • Mix – Dry/Wet mix of the reverb.
  • Size – Room size of the reverb.
  • Freeze – Creates continuous feedback loop of reverberated sound.

+ Waveform and Threshold visualizer.

One (1) license valid for five (5) activations.


64-bit Mac OS 10.11 and above. (Intel and M1 support. Native M1 coming soon.)
64-bit Windows 7 and above.
DAW with VST3 or AU support.
Internet connection for product activation.
22MB free disk space.

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