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About Me

I’m Jake Kelsoe, a Software Engineer with a focus on audio signal processing and music technology. I make weird music software as Dog Magic. I like to make strange audio tools and interactive experiences that help people interface with sound in new ways. Destroy your audio.


Bad Channel

Audio effect plug-in written in C++ using the JUCE framework. Multi-effect channel strip plug-in containing distortion, modulation (chorus / flanger), comb filter, delay, and high-pass / low-pass filters. Also contains a limiter, spectrogram, and preset patches. Developed for extreme sound design and as a quick all-in-one sound decimator. Available in AU and VST3 formats for Mac and PC. (2021)

Bad Channel Micro

Free demo module from the full Bad Channel plug-in. Contains modulation (chorus / flanger) module as well as the limiter. Available in AU and VST3 for Mac and PC. Open source, available on GitHub. (2021)

Bushwhacking Interactive

Interactive remix album video game for Jordan Krimston’s Bushwhacking LP. Developed in Unity using Audiokinetic Wwise for audio integration and sound interaction. Study on player interaction with audio effects, positional audio, and game engine programming. Available for Mac and PC. (2021)

Computer Music DSP Library

A collection of DSP algorithms based on code from “The Audio Programming Book”. Built using libsamplerate (Secret Rabbit Code) and libsndfile by mega-nerd. Current build is a command line tool for cross synthesis, frequency modulation, and granular sequencing. Written in C. (2015 – 2020)

Max For Live Devices

Granular Synth

The granular synth is monophonic Max for Live instrument. Load any audio sample, use the position knob to sweep through the file, and play back random snippets chromatically with your keyboard. Select ranges within Random Grain Length and Random Inter-Grain Length to shape the sound, along with dragging the filter. (2020)

Granular Delay

The granular delay takes small snippets of the incoming signal and randomly plays them back within a range of time. The delay knob controls the max amount of time between the random grains. Length corresponds to the total time the grains will play for. The killswitch will instantly kill the output. (2020)

Pitch Shift Delay

The pitch shift delay is simple delay with cascading or descending pitch shifting on each repeat. Pitch amount is in semitones, ranging from one octave above and below. (2019)

Webcam MIDI Controller

Work-in-progress device. This MIDI controller takes input from a webcam, splitting the video into a 3×3 grid where each point triggers a MIDI note within a scale. Select a fundemental pitch the scale is based from, the type of scale, the rate of the notes, and the note duration to shape the output of the controller. Brightness, contrast, and saturation controls are included for better video tracking. (2021)

All Max For Live devices available on GitHub.

Selected Audio Engineering Work

Band Argument – Slides (2019)

engineering, composition, guitar/synthesis, 3D asset for art

Jordan Krimston – Turn the Page (2019)

mixing, engineering

Band Argument – Patchwork (2019)

engineering, mixing, mastering, composition, guitar/synthesis

Trona – Pond (2017)

engineering, mixing, composition, guitar/synthesis


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